June 13, 2008


I write this at about 10:00 pm after spending some time tonight meeting with friends who were hosting a man whose home is Ndhiwa which is a village of Kenya, East Africa. When I first met and spoke with Peter, he seemed like a pleasant man who spoke of things "back home" including a school for first through fourth graders of which he serves as sort of a "headmaster". Plus he has planted four churches of which he is still the pastor of the last one he planted. And then he spoke of the orphanage which has over 280 children as participants. During dinner, he spoke of these things, and quickly after dinner wanted to share the video of slides that showed the things he had been talking about. As I watched, I watched with keen interest and then as I heard Peter's heart and saw the young children who so deperately need clean, clear, drinking water to survive and classrooms to learn, and a dormitory to live, my heart began to break. I went into the other room just to think and pray and waited for a time to speak to Peter about what was going through my mind and also touching my heart. As I had the chance to speak to Peter again in a short time, my tears flowed, my heart broke, and I prayed with a brother who I had just met this evening, but who has a burden for souls and has a background that I so much can identify with in some ways. A headmaster of a school; a person who left education and wanted to plant a church; and a person who has a burden from Jesus to help others. Although I am much more blessed here in the U.S., I still felt a connection to a fellow brother in Christ. I want to help Peter and so I pray for him and give to him, and would indeed count it a privilege to actually go and help him with the school, church, and orphanage that he wants to build and grow. So pray. Pray for Peter and his family of not only a few, but hundreds of people who are blessed by this man's vision and the hand of our loving, gracious, God.

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