June 12, 2008

God's Goodness!

I am just reminded again today at how good God is to us and how He has really blessed us this week in getting more and more things ready for the church He wants us to plant. Andy's work on the church webpage is so valuable and makes it so much easier for folks to look us up and learn more about us. I am excited and very pleased at all the things he has been working on and making look so good to give the church a pleasant "look" for folks to see. Web pages take forever to work on sometimes and yet Andy's got it ready and we will soon have our domain name to put out there for folks to see. It's exciting! And Ashley continues to be a blessing to me too with her working out many of the details and planning things so they will be taking care of as our future events draw closer. And even designing this blog page to let me both chronicle things as they happen and to inform those who want to know what's going on and how God is richly blessing us so much is just great! And yesterday Ginny let me know that several things that need to happen for us to have our first event on June 21 are now in place. Obtaining permission and getting forms in, and just a host of details that need to happen, yet take so much time to do, are now in place and it's again just a reminder to me that "the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord". To me that means not only does God give the orders, which are great, but God places things in order, which is also great. I'm glad God gives us our orders and puts things in order, so everything is organized and works to the very best! I am so blessed to have the most supportive folks around to be the ones in my very own family. I am indeed blessed beyond measure.

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