June 1, 2008

Summer Events

I must admit I get a little anxious or "antsy" sometimes for things to hurry and start and then again on other days, (like the past couple) instead of feeling like "yeah, let's get going!" I feel a little low or wonder "can we really do all this?" But then again, after not staying low or fretful for very long, (Praise the Lord!), Jesus helps me to think through things and again focus on Him, His power, and the things that lie ahead. He gets me excited about them and reminds me that they will take place soon enough, so just stay faithful and keep preparing for the things He has placed on my heart to do. Like today, I was encouraged and got excited just by talking to Ginny, Andy, and Ashley about some things we are planning and want to do for this summer. One of these ideas is to have a family movie night every month this summer and thus introduce the church to the neighborhood plus give the folks a fun, family time together in a Christian atmosphere. What better way to build the church than to have evangelistic outreaches? And I started picturing big banners, and then Andy designed a "poster", which is what the big banner will look like, and I just started getting excited again about all the possibilities that await us and the church God wants to build. Does that mean all the details have been worked out?? Of course not, so please pray that they will be worked out and that these dreams and visions will soon take root and become reality, not just ideas. But please do pray because I believe God is with us, and as the Bible says..."If God be for us, who can be against us?" but we need everybody's prayers to do all that God wants us to do.

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