June 3, 2008

Plant, Plow, Harvest!

I had the opportunity to attend the Evangelism Conference held at Green Ridge Baptist Church back in March, sponsored by the SBCV which had the theme PUSHING BACK THE DARKNESS. One of the session speakers there was the evangelism professor from Liberty U., David Wheeler. I recall he made the point that if we plant and plow, then God will bring the harvest. This is so good to remember because we often feel that we have failed if we don't win someone to the Lord instantly or everytime we share our faith. It's God who brings the harvest, so that should help us to know that if we are just faithful "plowers" and "planters" then God will do the rest. With that said, I felt I had a good night of plowing and planting last night even right on the very street where I live. It seems God is allowing me to talk more to my neighbors and get to know some of them better and even last night let me meet a couple that I had never spoke to in my life. So with new folks moving in or just with those that I haven't had the opportunity, (or taken the time or opportunity) to meet, it seems God is honoring my heart's desire to allow me to get more acquainted with folks, build bridges, establish relationships, and (prayerfully) plant and plow where I never have before. It's just amazing how for so long I would just come home, go in my house, and not really been concerned about those around me. Sure I might say hello, but not much more than that. Now though, since doing my prayer walk, and catching more of what God's vision is, I see "needs" not just neighbors; and souls not just people. And God has just really encouraged me that if I don't grow weary and if I continue to plant with tears of joy that one day, maybe even sooner than I think, He will being harvesting, and what a day that will be!

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